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Nick Harden started training in the circus arts at the Illinois State University Gamma Phi Circus. He has performed in a variety of acts including partner and group acrobatics, German wheel, juggling, Russian bar, teeterboard, tightwire, and unicycle. Nick graduated from college in 2008. However, he had been bitten hard by the circus bug, and knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his days in the circus. He now lives Seattle where he trains at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts. He has performed in productions around the globe, and has filmed commercials for national audiences. When Nick is not performing or training he also enjoys riding his bicycle and making things with his hands.


Wendy Harden grew up flipping and twisting while competing gymnastics in Northern California. After graduating college, Wendy was invited back to Northern California to teach tumbling with an after-school circus program. She loved it, and quickly decided she wanted more circus. In 2010 Wendy moved to Seattle and fully immersed herself in the circus world at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts. In addition to duo unicycle, Wendy enjoys performing teeterboard, hand-to-hand, Chinese pole, and trampoline.


Nick & Wendy met in 2010 while teaching circus to children in Seattle, and got married in 2014. They started working together on the unicycle in 2011, and have performed around the world since then. In 2015, they helped to start a circus company called IMPulse Circus Collective with a group of friends and fellow performers. They presented their show Figments with Seattle’s Moisture Festival. They have performed with companies including Cirque Mechanics, Flynn Creek Circus, and Zoppé Family Circus. They have coached with youth circuses including Circus Smirkus, SANCA in Seattle, and Circus Harmony.